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Only pay for what you use

Per Month
  • • 0 – 10 orders in one month

  • AND
  • • Less than $5k of sales using the Experiences App
Per Month
  • • 11 – 49 orders in one month
  • OR
  • • More than $5k of sales using the Experiences App
Per Month
  • • 50+ orders in one month
  • • All plans have no limit on the amount of events you offer

*Costs are based on usage and calculated at the end of each month.
The most you will ever be charged is $129. Not bad.
Do you have many thousands of bookings per month and need additional support?
Contact us about our enterprise offering.

Is your business a non-profit?

Non-profit organizations receive a 20% discount if registered with Shopify and FREE for Shopify employees and development stores.

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